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Our Main Services


Express Air Cargo

This service involves the fast and efficient transportation of goods through air  within 2-3 days after receiving them.

Express Delivery 

Offer fast and reliable door-to-door delivery services for time-sensitive cargo, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery within designated timeframes.


Air Freight

Provide air cargo solutions, utilizing our extensive network of airline partners to offer secure and expedited transportation of goods across national and international destinations.


Ocean Freight

Provide reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions for large-scale cargo through ocean freight services. This includes managing containerized shipments, consolidations, full-container load (FCL), and less-than-container load (LCL) shipments from Turkey to East Africa.

Our Main Services


 Money Transfer

As part of your services, you will facilitate secure and efficient money transfer processes. This includes providing payment solutions to customers, such as facilitating international wire transfers, managing currency conversions, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations.


Customs Clearance

Provide expert assistance in navigating complex customs regulations and procedures, ensuring smooth and timely clearance of goods at borders and minimizing delays or complications.


Warehousing and Distribution

We Offer comprehensive warehousing and distribution solutions.

Our Extra Services


 Factory Links

We will establish and maintain strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers around Turkey.


Product Research

We provide product research services to assist customers in identifying and sourcing the right products. This can involve identifying potential suppliers or manufacturers that meet the customer's requirements.


Forwarding and Clearing

This service involves handling the logistics and paperwork associated with forwarding shipments from the manufacturer to the customer. It includes coordinating transportation.

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